NYS Governor

I have a friend in Vermont that is given Marijuana for Medical use. He lives around 25 miles from my house in New York. I was talking to him the other day trying to plan my three day weekend. I asked if he would want to come over and get some ice fishing done before the lake thaws. His response was, "Wish I could but I can't take my Marijuana into NY and i have been in so much pain lately I can't go a day without it. This got me to thinking about all the letters I have written to Gov. Paterson over the past 6 months. It reminded me of one specific letter I wrote to him.

Dear Gov. Paterson, I commend you on making a tough decision that you understood would cause a lot of voters to question your ability to take the best interests of New Yorkers State wide. This week you ordered that New York will recognize Gay Marriage that was performed where it is legal. This does not make it legal in New York to get married and when you were asked your response was, "We have to have respect for other State laws." This leads me to my question of why isn't it legal to use medical marijuana in New York state. My friend has been given Marijuana for medical use in the state who borders ours, however he can no longer come to my house for a visit since once he crosses that border he no longer can be in posession of the Medication he needs and is given by doctor recomendation. I urge you to look into the Medical Marijuana laws and ask that you give patients relief here in NY by allowing the medical use of marijuana, however, by your own comments I urge you to support those 12 States that have legalized Marijuana for medical purposes and allow those patients to use their medication while here in NY. Thank you, Dru Utopia
Now of course there is the issue that I send him a letter almost every week so i am probably on his ignore list but I think it made sense.

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