Another Innocent Victim of Marijuana Laws

One innocent victim of the current Marijuana laws has always been Hemp. Hemp is outlawed because of the relationship to Marijuana. Hemp is a wonderful plant that can be used for industrial use. At one point in the US history it was required for all farms to grow Hemp for use by the Military. It can be used for a very strong rope, sails for ships, clothing, I have also heard that it can be made into oil that could run cars (Can’t remember where I saw this). This is one crop that can be grown without the fear of being used as a drug since if anyone was to dry a plant out and smoke it the only thing they would get is a bad head ache. It could be cheap for farmers to grow it and produce a lot of profit since it could be used to make so many other products. This is truly a very innocent bystander of the Marijuana Prohibition laws. It would be kind of like arresting me if my brother robbed a bank just because he is my brother. So what Happens in Washington DC, they said a brother is not enough, let arrest friends also. So they have banned the sale of Cigars. How does this make sense? They said that people are buying cigars to take the tobacco out and refill it with Marijuana. So since people are making blunts from cigars they are now going to ban the sale of cigars. As anyone in college that has been around marijuana users will know, they are going to need to ban a lot more products. Soda and beer can no longer be sold in anything other than glass bottles, this will stop people from smoking marijuana by poking holes in cans to make a bowl, or making gravity bongs from 2 liter plastic bottles. Toilet paper and paper towels can not be sold with a cardboard holder. Those are to easily transformed into Marijuana smoking Pipes. Apples are also banned since there are a lot of people that have discovered how to make a Marijuana pipe out of apples (so much for the apple a day saying). This is another way the Government is going to harm non-marijuana users more than the Marijuana users themselves.

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