Canabis Laws - You Need to know

There are now 14 States with Medical Marijuana Laws:
Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maryland, Michigan, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, Alaska, Hawaii

There are now 12 States that have Decriminalized Marijuana:
Maine, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Mississippi, Ohio, Minnesota, Nebraska, Colorado, Oregon, California, Alaska.

There are now 12 States that allow industrial Hemp:
Vermont, Virginia, Maryland, Maine, West Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, Illinios, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, California.

The good news is the laws are changing in the states. However, the bad news is that the Federal Government does not agree with these states.

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Doug Goff said...

Yup it's bullshit! If the government would step up to the plate and regulate/tax marijuana it may just help us get out of the deficit we're in right now.