Responsible Marijuana Use

There are many States right now having a hard time reaching their budget this year. Some of them are looking to Alcohol to create more revenue for their State. Some of the states do not allow the sale of alcohol on Sundays, well change that and you will have 52 more days a year to gain the tax money. Some other states just want to raise the Alcohol tax. One thing that I have always believed was Alcohol is always the business to be in. When the economy is good people tend to want to celebrate, who can celebrate without a beer or two. When the economy is bad people tend to try and drink their blues away. I am one of those wierdos that does not drink. I do not like the drunk feeling and the feeling of losing control of myself. There for my recreational drug of choice if it was legal would be Marijuana. A nice slow sip of Marijuana Tea or Hot Chocolate with a marijuana Brownie, who would that hurt???

The problem is it is illegal, but here are a couple of my rules. Only use Marijuana when:

1. it is all adults, just like alcohol I believe it is only for those old enough and responsible enough to handle it. However, I do believe as a Disabled Veteran that 18 should be that age. I risked my health younger than 21 I should have been able to drink younger than 21.

2. Designate a Driver. Also like Drinking if you are going to have a nice calm evening of Marijuana use then don't drive. Marijuana like alcohol does affect people differently and those responsible users do not need to jump in a car. make sure you have enough munchies where you are.

3. Setting, Unlike Alcohol, Marijuana seams to mellow out a group of friends. make sure the setting is conducive to an evening of Marijuana use. Music, and Movies. Some games would make it an enjoyable evening.

4. Treat your friends like friends. This rule stands for now because of the laws of marijuana. be a buddy, don't sit there and try to push the parinoid feeling. People get that parinoid feeling for the repricusions that may happen if they are found to be a Marijuana user. There is no need to sit there and every five minutes say, "Look, Cops!!!"

Responsible Marijuana users will tend to abide by these rules without any thought to it. Know what, when and who when you are using marijuana. What = the plan of action. This includes where you are going how you are getting there and back and what you are going to do while you are there.

When = Responsible users know how the marijuana affects them and the how long it will effect them. Know when it is a good time or not. This is going to relate to your surrounding also, Most responsible users will recognize thier surrounding and realize that it is the correct environment and timing.

This leads to Who: Know who you are with. If you know you are with one of those people that will make it uncomfortable for you then take a step back and skip out on this pass.

Marijuana Abuse is done by those who are not responsible with their use. The War on Drugs was created for those who were not responsible in their use, they unfortunatly ruined it for the rest of us.

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Angryjed said...

Glad to see you are still blogging. Just got back from Amsterdam 2 weeks ago. the coffeeshop scene while under fire is definetly getting a little more mainstream with greenhouse, rokerij, dampkring becoming virtual temples to pot. I guess commercialism isn't always bad.

My fav on this trip: Cheese from Homegrown fantasy.