Arrests being made for Photo of Phelps

The Associated Press is reporting that there are arrests being made in the county where the party was that Phelps was photographed at. An Attorney has a client that is being charged with possesion of Marijuana and could face 30 days in jail and $200 fine. Now I understand there are still law enforcement that think this is a horrible situation, however, if that picture didn't come out then where is the problem? That party happened, things went on at that party, every one slept, everyone woke up in the morning. Cops were not called out to the party, there were no deaths at the party, there were no car DWI's issued from that party and there were no Gun shots at that party. How did this party put anyone in jepordy? Where is the "for the protection of law abiding citizens" come into play? Where is the Harm? Now we can move onto the reasonable doubt issue. So he was caught smoking oregeno from a bong that is usually used for smoking Marijuana. can you garuntee that Bong had Marijuana in it? Did you find it and have it tested for traces of Marijuana? These people are going to be getting arrested and have this placed on their records for hanging out with some friends and indulging in something that did not cause any harm or damage to anyone else. What is the sense of spending this money on this investigation. Looks like they just want to damage someone life for enjoying a safer alternative to binge drinking and tobacco use that happens at all the college parties.

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Doug Goff said...

Yea dude that is total bullshit! Lets bust a guy for taking a bong hit while the Mexican drug cartel runs free throughout our country causing havoc.