There is a call to Boycott Kellogg since they dropped sponsership of Michael Phelps. I don't think this will be much of a problem for me and because I think it was crap because of what they did to this 23 year old I will boycott the company. Now with that said, I do not understand the whole appology that Phelps gave. Why would he appologize? Why is it that American's need the appology? What did Phelps do that was so horrible? He Smoked Marijuana, obviously nothing that is going to make him want to do nothing for the rest of his life and forget to take showers. If that was the case then there are a lot of powerful and successful people that should not be there. I am still of strong belief that Phelps just assisted me when I have always told people, "People can be successful with Pot, just like People can be losers without Pot" Phelps is another to look at and ask the question, "are the anti-pot commercials true?"


Doug Goff said...

No they're not true at all! I have a bachelor's in computer science, a great job, two cars that are paid for and a house that almost is and I smoke pot every day! There's another example for you Dru.

DruU said...

It is amazing what people will believe when it comes to Marijuana propaganda (yes that is what it is) this is why you now see things like LEAP where ex-DARE officers are now fighting to end the war on drugs.