Free Marijuana

Honestly, I thought this site was dead. I am still getting a lot of hits to this site and figured I would start posting again to this Blog about Marijuana. DruU's Timeline:

- When I was a teeneager I smoked Marijuana on a regular basis. I may not of had a great High school Grade point average but I played sports and worked the whole time.

- When I went to College I quit smoking Marijuana and started drinking since my new friends were so anti Marijuana. I got kicked out after the first semester.

- I was anti-marijuana up until a few years ago when I tried it in Amsterdam for pain. It worked great.

- I started researching Medical Marijuana and I have been advocating for it for almost 3 years now. However, I have slowed down as I have learned the Politics of the US.

- After years of researching the benefits vs. harms of Marijuana and other medications and recreational drugs I now believe that there is no reason for Marijuana to be illegal.

I need someone to explain with facts why it is illegal and give me an honest reason why they believe it should be illegal. I do not believe there is a good reason at all.

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