Phone Call with the Senator's Office

I was so excited to hear that someone from the Senator's Office wanted to talk to me about the letter I sent to them. This is the same office that invited me to the State Capital to talk to one of the Senator's advisors. That was a couple months after this Senator received a visit from Montell Williams. During my Visit I was told that Senator Bruno was ready for a bill for Medical Marijuana. This email I received from Senator Bruno's office was exciting so I scheduled a time to call and talk to this Legislative Assistant. Now the one thing I have to explain is I have a lot of friends that I use and abuse. I make them do things like pound Senator Bruno with letters asking for his support with Medical Marijuana. The reason I wrote this letter to him was because one of my friends received a letter reply from Senator Bruno saying he would not support Medical Marijuana until the federal government allowed it. That is why I placed this part in the letter:

I am also aware that some have been under the mistaken impression that states are not able to act on this important issue, because of federal law. Currently there are 12 states that have passed laws to allow doctors to do a risk analysis for their patients and recommend the medical use of marijuana. Studies have shown thatsome patients receive amazing results with the use of marijuana.The earliest of the modern medical marijuana laws passed 11 years ago, and the federal government has never suggested those states lack the power to remove their own criminal penalties for medical marijuana. The only judge to decide the issue, in San Diego, agreed that states are free to enact medical marijuana laws.

This is the only reason Senator Bruno's office contacted me. They wanted to make sure I heard that the people of California were getting arrested for Medical Marijuana. So I had to explain to this young lady that I do pay attention to this issue pretty close. I do understand that people in California are getting arrested for distribution of Medical Marijuana. I did continue to explain to her that although I believe that California was right to be the first state to pass a bill to allow Medical Marijuana I also believe that their bill has some grey area's that are causing problems with the federal government. I also know that there are 11 states that have passed similar bills including the state that borders New York to the North East. I have not heard anything about these states having an issue with the Federal Government. I explained to her that anyone that says they are for Medical marijuana but uses the federal government as a way to not sign a bill is not someone that needs to be in office. I also explained that although I am a disabled Veteran I am unable to use Medical Marijuana no matter where I am unless the Federal Government allows it since I get my medication from the Federal Government. Senator Bruno has done a lot of good for this area of New York and he has been in office since I was 4 years old. He has stadiums named after him and is very popular with the powerful. He is a Cancer Survivor and he is a Korean War Veteran. I would expect this man to have a little more courage. After this news this week in New York he is now the Acting Assistant Govenour of New York. I request that all New Yorkers Pound his email asking for support of this Bill.

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