My New Rx - MS-Cotin vs Marijuana

I am amazed how the medical community, opps, strike that, the Government gets involved in what Perscriptions are best for me. How I long for the day I can make a couple of brownies and eat them when I need relief from my pain. The doctor was looking at my perscription of Hydrocodone and decided it was time to put me on a Time release pain killer. This does work great and I love the fact that I can take it before work and I am good until night when the kids are getting into bed. I do not have to carry my Rx Bottle around anymore and I don't get the fatigue from the "come down" effect until it is almost time for bed. Great Drug and awesome pain killer. Of course since I am one of those that has to worry about side effects with medication I had to look it up. MS-ContinSide Effects & Drug Interactions - Information found Here Not to shabby for a chemical created in a Lab. But: Constipation, lightheadedness, dizziness, sedation, nausea, vomiting, sweating, dysphoria, and euphoria. These top the list of Most Frequently Observed... Marijuana = This is what kills me, the Government (McCain, you have said this before) view of Marijuana is that people want it for medical purposes so they can get High, or a feeling of Euphoria. Well MS-Cotin gives that feeling also, make it illegal. One issue I have with all the opioid based medication I have been put on is the Nausea I get from it. This really sucks since I was up to 200 pounds (my ideal weight) and now have a hard time getting back above 190. Eating just 2 times a day because I have to force myself is not good. Marijuana = One of the main benefits of Marijuana is the ease of Nausea in Chemotherapy patients, and help AIDS Patients feel hunger to stop the wasting away most of them go though. Why not use it for pain so I can actually get back on my well fed diet of 5 meals a day? ohhh, Nooo I feel a rant coming on...

Now I know I am starting to sound as Biased as I am on this subject where I am supose to and always wanted to post Facts instead of my opinion. Anyway, here I go... How in the hell can Mr. (I am not a doctor) Politician tell me that MS-Cotin is a safe drug for use with chronic pain and talk about the sterotypical crap they heard from Mrs. Nancy Reagan in the "Just Say No" Campaign. Or lets talk to those D.A.R.E officers that used to come to my school as I was growing up to talk to me about the hazards of Marijuana. The D.A.R.E project by the way that has not received funding in a long time in many states, that any of the officers that are still on the Drug Campaign are on it under a new acronym LEAP Mr. Politician please let me know your background of Marijuana use and let me know if you have ever had it for Pain Management. Sure I have used it for Medical purposes and know the effects of to much Marijuana will put me to sleep and may make me a little more light headed. Guess what I am now on a medication that is MORE Likely to get me addicted, and if I take to much I can fall asleep and never wake up. This drug scares the crap out of me and many others that have realized that they have addictive personalities. Look at the WARNINGS associated with my new medication, but it is okay for me to take this time released version so I have a feeling of euphoria for 12 hours instead of 2 hours... Mr. (I don't want to know the facts) Politician, Please let me know how this plant that is 100% natural can kill me and why it is a federal offence for me to use it for my pain.
Now since my rant is over I would like to discuss the whole "Serious Side Effects of Marijuana" One of the side effect I would really like to talk about is the mild to severe anxiety. This is something that I can not speak about with facts but I can speak of it in my own experience. When I smoked Marijuana in the US as a teenager it was against the law, I did have Parinoid feelings and was very nervous because I was afraid I would get arrested. However, when I used Marijuana in Europe I was not breaking the law, actually I was using under the advice of a doctor and in a place that it was socially acceptable. I had no worries, did not have any anxiety and felt the wonder of a pain free walk around the city. Now, I would like to return to my new medication, under the side effects again,
alterations of mood (nervousness, apprehension, depression, floating feelings
Not to good, So I guess Marijuana is not the only drug out there that people claim to be nervous about ;) But when you look even farther into the details of MS-Cotin on the Central Nervous System you also notice that it says, "uncoordinated muscle movements," would that be like the reported "clumsiness, loss of coordination," that you get from Marijuana? Now here is another issue I have with most medications, insomnia, I have had a problem with insomnia for a very long time, I do not like the fact that this medication I am on makes it even harder for me to sleep. If I had my choice I would look for something that would be more like tiredness, sleepiness, lethargy, I wonder what would have that side effect? Now a subject that I hate, when it come to this medication...
Gastrointestinal: Dry mouth, biliary tract spasm, laryngospasm, anorexia, diarrhea, cramps, taste alteration, constipation, ileus, intestinal obstruction, increases in hepatic enzymes
That is not anything that I would ever want from any of my medication but unfortunatly if I would like to stay out of Jail I will have to deal with it. There is another reason why I am on medication, this is do to Muscle spasms I get in my Legs and feet. One great thing was when I tried Marijuana I was able to sit there and my legs did not twitch at all for as long as I had any effects of the marijuana and for quite a time after the effects were gone. MS-Cotin may cause muscle tremors, once again the side effects look like a perfect fit for me. I am not going to sit here and talk bad about MS-Cotin because I really do like this medication it helps with the pain for a long time and I don't get any side effects that I can't live with (except the Headache's really hurt, and I love to eat and the Nausea sucks). When you look at all the "BAD" things that we are told about Marijuana and all the reasons these Politicians will not allow these laws to be passed I really do not think they are doing the correct comparison of the medications that they are supporting. The side effects and dangers of most perscribed medications are much more dangerous to the body than anything that Marijuana can cause. If you are on medication for any reason look into the side effects and warnings, do some research on these medications and you may change your view of Marijuana. This isn't just for perscription medications either, Even over the counter medications have more dangers than Marijuana, Check it out.

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doug said...

In my views marijuana is probably the safest of all drugs. I personally do not classify it as a drug but rather an ailment. I smoke on a regular basis, although its not prescribed, and have for years as I get bad anxiety attacks. I was prescribed other stuff like xanax and such but all those drugs did was turn me into a zombie.