Marijuana Tax Act of 2008?

Govenor Spitzer had, what he would like to think, a great idea in his New York speech last night. His idea, create a tax on Marijuana of $3.50 per gram. I would actually agree with this tax stamp idea, except it is a bad idea. First of all, in 1937 there was a Marijuana Tax Act created. (Which was disputed by a New Yorker) Each person that wanted to have marijuana in their possession was required to have a Tax stamp on the packaging. The problem was if you were caught for possession of Marijuana without the tax you would be arrested for not paying the tax. If you wanted to be legal and get a Tax stamp then you would have to have the amount in your possession so they could know how much to tax you for your Marijuana. But if you showed up with Marijuana to be a good citizen and pay your tax you would get arrested because you haven't paid your tax yet. It was designed to be a catch 22 and make it illegal to have any Marijuana. Governor Spitzer explains that this tax stamp has been active in 29 States already and could raise an estimated $13 Million next year. My question for Governor Spitzer is why would I pay this tax. If I was going to buy an illegal substance ILLEGALLY then I would not be to worried about the tax side of it. I am going to weigh my risk in this situation. Do I buy a gram of Marijuana and not pay to get the Tax stamp and risk getting busted for an illegal substance plus Tax evasion? Or do I buy my Marijuana and pay my tax on it, but have it on record that I am going to have Marijuana with me at some point? If someone is going to deal with the Black Market then they are not going to be worried about the ramifications of getting busted for two laws. Then again Mr. Spitzer, if Marijuana is illegal and I am required to have a Tax Stamp then would that be considered a violation of the Fifth amendment? Like I started this article, I agree with Taxation of Marijuana and other controlled substances as long as I can not be prosecuted for paying taxes on the substance. The way it looks to me is Governor Spitzer is trying to look like he is doing more than he actually is. Stop with the hollow promises that really can't benefit NY, and lets see something that will help us. Legalize Marijuana, control it, tax it, and allow the Farmers of New York grow their Hemp for industrial purposes Now that will be a boost to the economy along with a great income for New York State.


doug said...

It would be great if pot was legalized and taxed. The only thing is that the government sucks at everything they do. They'd probably try and distribute some schwag crap that wouldn't get you high and charge top dollar for it.

doug said...

Thought you might find this interesting. http://gizmodo.com/348628/marijuana-vending-machines-opening-for-business-in-la

Greg said...

You're probably right doug. Just when it finally gets legalized, it'll turn to shit. You'll stip be buying from dealers.

Anyway, if you wouldn't mind, maybe you could stop by my new forums. It would be great to get a few more intelligent posters around.