Drinking - The Acceptable Drug

I say that drinking is acceptable but I am totally confused right now. It is not only acceptable but encouraged. This is the end of the holiday season, the time where friends and family get together to celebrate many different things. The time where companies take some of their profits and throw parties for those that have made them have a profit. This is a time where stores carry more beer than usual and liquor stores look forward to. Why is it that most people feel the need to drink alcohol during this time of year? Thanksgiving, a holiday for Americans to celebrate the pilgrams having a plentiful harvest to make it though the winter. Do you think the Pilgrams were thinking, "Lets throw a huge feast and see if Aunt Tonya will dance on the table with Running Dog." Christmas, the holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus. I have not fully read the bible but did the three wise men bring, a Keg, Bottle of Scotch and Jello Shots? New Years, time to celebrate the end of one year and the begining of a new one. Was your year so horrible that you want to forget it? Is the view of the future year so grim that you don't want to remember how it came in? I enjoyed a New Years party this year with a few people all of which feel drinking alcohol is a requirement. As I sat their drinking my soda I heard every crack on me about being anti-social. However by the time the ball dropped in Time square I was the one that had the kids in PJ's, in sleeping bags and helping them regain control after all the excellent Sugar treats they were able to eat until late at night. While most of them had parents that by that time were running around in a drunken state and not realizing how many of them were so loud the kids were laughing at them. I talked to one of my friends that was at a different party and he told me today that out of the people at that party, two had to leave before midnight because they got into a fight, one missed the ball drop because he was hugging the porceline, and another spend the first day of the new year in jail for driving after the party. How is this not only acceptable but encouraged? I am not Anti-drinking but the way I see it is why can my friends and family act this way but I am the one that is looked down at because I would prefer a drug that is currently illegal. I am the uncle, nephew, son, grandson, cousin, etc... that you need to stay away from because my drug of choice makes me want to sit on the couch and ponder the universe, wake up the next day functioning correctly, be able to remember the old year and enjoy the New Year. Most of them can't even tell when I have been doing my drug of choice but believe me they all make idiots of themselves and look like fools to their kids, nieces and nephews, and younger cousins. And because of society, these are the drunken animals that these kids are suppose to look up to. I am a burn out druggie that can not function in society because the drug I like is illegal.

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Lori said...

I'm with you 100%. I stopped drinking after this 1/11 when I fell down the stairs and split my head open. I think alcohol SHOULD be legal, and marijuana should be legal. I've known many vicious drunks (and very stupid ones, self included), but never a vicious pothead. I never have negative effects with that. My blog post telling my "why I am no longer drinking" is at http://www.fermentedfur.com/2008/01/wake-up-call.html